Shouguang HongHai Chemical Co. Ltd.
Office: South End, Changda road, Hou Town, Shouguang, China
Manufascturing factory: 7# Huanghai road, Bohai Industrial Park (Yangkou Town), Shouguang, China
Contact: Cui Mingyi
Tel: +86-15864569102
Tel: +86-536-5385952
Fax: +86-536-5385227
Zip code: 262726

    About us


Shouguang Honghai Chemical Co., Ltd. was registered and founded in Shouguang Administration for industry and commerce in 2011. As a limited liability company, we are an economic entity with independent management, accounting and financing system and qualification of independent legal person.
Now, we are a specialized manufacturer and trader of inorganic bromides such as Sodium bromide, Potassium bromide, Ammonium bromide, Calcium bromide, Zinc bromide, Hydrobromic acid and Bromine, and we also sell other chemicals (excluding contraband goods), including sodium carbonate, chloroform, Sodium hydroxide, hydrogen peroxide and sulfur, etc. We have established closely & harmoniously supply and demand relations with customers all over the world.
At present, our Sodium bromide and Hydrobromic acid are well sold in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, as well as most of provinces of China such as Guangdong, Shanxi and Gansu, etc. Our bromide products are widely used in the preparation of completion fluids of oil drilling; as the essential products in national economy and people's daily life, our products are also used in pharmaceutical intermediates, pesticide production, AC foaming, production of Butylcyanide and daily chemicals, etc. To ensure excellent quality and values and demands of customers, we cooperate with other bromide manufacturers to build the production base of bromides. At present, this base can produce several kinds and specifications of bromides in the synthetic method of acid and alkali neutralization. Without using finished bromides as materials, we have the good abilities to ensure the stability and high purity of products, and then avoid the happening of deterioration of products due to long-term storage. Therefore, we are able to ensure the quality of customers' products as much as possible, and protect the economic benefits of customers.
We work for better instead of bigger, and customers' benefit is number one priority to us, and we always strive to meet customers' demands. We put the idea of "quality, safety, environmental protection, neat and order" into the management of production and business, and insist on such business concept of "quality first, customer supreme, mutual benefit for win-win"; abiding by such human-oriented management idea of "safety first, health supreme, harmonious coexistence", we put human-oriented management into each detail of daily management. Therefore, all staffs are dedicated to their positions and jobs.
Our philosophy: make friends through business, mutual respect, equality and mutual benefit, quality & honesty, get profits by justice, sustainable development. We sincerely welcome your visit, business and suggestions. We look forward to cooperating with you for seeking mutual development and achieving the goal of "harmony for all winners".


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